Who Is Real Chambers?

REAL Chambers is the only turn-key HALT & HASS system supplier in the world. REAL Chambers is the technology leader in HALT & HASS Testing chamber design, control systems, data aquisition, complete integrated system solutions, testing services and consulting.

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  • REAL Chambers Partner Labs

    Strategically placed lab partners allow our customers to test their products in lab chambers.
  • Halt Has REAL-96 testing chamber

    What is HALT?

    HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) is a reliability test method used to uncover design/process weaknesses.
  • ISIS tabletop reliability chamber

    Consulting Services

    Real Chambers evaluates your organization's reliability approach to form an actionable Reliability Program.
  • REAL Chambers SQL test chamber

    Operation Tips

    See our tips for making chamber performance more economical, or beneficial to our customers.


  • The Real-36 has been the workhorse in our lab since 2011. We have run tests nearly weekly since then using this chamber with no down time.

    Jay E. Muns, CRE

    Managing Director, Ops a la Carte

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